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How You Can Enforce Child Support Orders in Pasadena, California When a divorce or family law court creates or approves a child support order , it needs to be seen as law for the spouse ordered to make the payments. However, just as laws are only words on paper until action is taken, so is a child support order. Many dishonest ex-spouses take advantage of this ... Read More

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  • What You Need to Know About Same-Sex Family Law In the summer of 2015, the United States legalized same-sex marriage across the entire country. Despite all the time that has passed since that day, ...
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  • Retroactive Child Support: Paying for the Past While a divorce is being negotiated, everything related to it can feel up-in-the-air or in considerable disarray. One of the greatest concerns is ...
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  • Move-Away Cases & Family Law: When You Can Bring Your Child With You When a divorced parent must relocate or move-away , seemingly any number of complications can arise, most stemming from what to do about child custody ...
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  • Debt Division in Divorce Can Catch You Off-Guard Going through a divorce means eventually splitting up your marital property , or what you purchased, accrued, or improved together with your spouse ...
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