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Move-Away Cases & Family Law: When You Can Bring Your Child With You When a divorced parent must relocate or move-away , seemingly any number of complications can arise, most stemming from what to do about child custody rights and visitation agreements already in effect. Both parents will most likely want to keep a majority custody over their children yet this will ... Read More

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  • Debt Division in Divorce Can Catch You Off-Guard Going through a divorce means eventually splitting up your marital property , or what you purchased, accrued, or improved together with your spouse ...
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  • Why Online Divorce Services Might Be Riskier Than You Think Have you been searching around for a family law or divorce attorney lately? You might have been targeted by automated advertisements that promote ...
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  • Are Divorced Fathers Healthy For Their Children? What is the most effective living situation for children who are split between parents? This article shows that a child who lives with both of his or ...
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  • Is Child Support Payable from a Family Trust? When a California family law judge assigns child support payments as part of a divorce or family law dispute , the obligations of the payer must be ...
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