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Our specialists help individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County with complex family law issues.

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Pasadena Divorce & Injury Attorneys Bring Decades of Experience

When you are involved in a family law dilemma or a conflict involving personal injury, you can put your legal concerns in the hands of experienced and qualified Pasadena lawyers. If you are looking for a law firm that has been proudly serving families and individuals in your community for years, look no further than our firm! At Gille Law Group, we have dedicated our practice to helping our clients resolve complicated legal dilemmas so they are able to move on from difficult times with the sure knowledge that all appropriate next steps have been considered and that their best interests have been met.

Serving clients with Family Law needs in Southern California

We know how rough a family law matter can be. A family could go through an emotional wringer, and oftentimes, the amount of overwhelming legalities causes even the strongest families extreme stress. Divorces have a reputation for being highly volatile, but at Gille Law Group, we strive to offer representation that can help get you through this process with as little conflict as possible.

Our firm currently assists clients in the following areas of family law:

If you are considering divorce (dissolution of marriage), a move-away, sole custody, or are dealing with personality disorders, substance abuse, domestic violence, restraining orders, sex abuse, child abuse, or other complicated custody issues, you are invited to work with our highly experienced team of legal professionals. Our Pasadena family lawyer is board certified by the State Bar of California (CFLS).

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Were you injured in an accident? Our personal injury team can help!

At Gille Law Group, we work tirelessly for the best possible outcome for our clients. We uncover the often hidden facts that make the difference to your case; we diligently obtain all records; we speak to all physicians, therapists, and other witnesses; we carefully depose the wrongdoers; we employ the best experts, and we prepare each case for settlement or trial with a jury of your peers. Whether the best result will be obtained through negotiation or mediation, or whether litigation proves to be necessary, our seasoned attorneys will advise you on the best approach for your case. We treat each set of injuries as unique - we never use cookie-cutter approaches to resolving your case. Based on the cause of the injuries, the analysis of the evidence, the negligence of the person who caused the incident, and the other complexities of your case, we are here to help you obtain maximum compensation.

We represent clients in the following personal injury matters:

Few things can make you realize how vulnerable you really are the way a catastrophic injury can. If someone else's negligent behavior has caused you serious personal injury or property damage, speak with the Pasadena personal injury attorney from our firm. Draw from our decades of tough, ethical, aggressive experience to make certain that your side of the story is heard and prevails. We work to ensure that each client gets fair compensation and receives all needed treatments during recovery.

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Choosing the right attorney to represent you through your family law matter or personal injury claim could be pivotal to your case. At Gille Law Group, our legal team takes your rights seriously. We strongly believe that conflict should be minimized, so we make every effort to inform you of all aspects of your case and explain your options for negotiations or litigation. We can schedule a consultation to discuss how our qualified attorneys will proceed with your unique case.

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Benefits of Retaining Our Firm:

  • Decades of winning legal experience
  • Expert counsel from a Board Certified Family Law Specialist
  • A rating of 8.8 "Excellent" on Avvo
  • Hands-on care from the outset of every case
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